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White Tooth Paste

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White Tooth Paste

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste to restore and maintain the natural whiteness of teeth.

To restore the natural whiteness

The cause of the disease

The desire to have a beautiful whiter smile peculiar to each individual.
Coffee, tea, wine (not to mention tobacco) stain our teeth, so it is not surprising that over
time our lovely white teeth smile loses its beauty and luster.

In modern society, whiter smile - the attribute of a successful and healthy people.
Many are seeking to improve its appearance and whiten teeth.
Do it effectively and safely, without harming enamel or gums, is not easy.

Treatment and prevention of tooth paste LACALUT white

The most secure and affordable way to striking whiten your teeth - use a high-quality toothpaste, which not only lightens the enamel, but also takes care of the teeth. This paste is in the range of LACALUT, and it was under her power to give you a beautiful smile.

Toothpaste LACALUT white will be your guide to the world of snow-white teeth, because it is specially designed to ensure that the bleaching process was comfortable and painless as possible. Applying it regularly, you will be happy to notice a healthy shine and whiteness of their enamel.

In the paste lakalyut White include special microscopic particles - abrasives, which are removed from the tooth surface bacterial plaque and gently polish the enamel on top to make it smooth and shiny. In LACALUT white paste expensive adjustable spherical abrasive cutting, it does not scratch and does not injure the enamel.

The size and shape of abrasive particles provide sverhproduktivnoe and gentle bleach.

In addition, White lakalyut contains fluorides that strengthen tooth enamel and prevent their sensitivity, as well as pyrophosphate - a special connection, preventing the formation of tartar.

The presence of aluminum lactate in the paste can effectively care for the state of the gums and solve the problem of returning the natural whiteness of teeth even in the presence of bleeding and inflammation of the mouth.

Tips for using LACALUT white

The paste can be used daily after each meal, as you can and alternated with other pastes LACALUT. The optimal recommended course of 4 weeks LACALUT white, 4 weeks Lacalut Fluor , and then - a second course of bleaching.
Toothpaste LACALUT white is available in tubes 75 ml, box 50 tubes.


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