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Aktiv Mouth Wash

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Aktiv Mouth Wash

For the prevention of bleeding and gum disease

Any problem must be addressed comprehensively. And when it comes to bleeding gums, here you have to be emphasized. If you have decided to seriously take up the elimination of bleeding, it is not surprising, if you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The properties of the rinse aid

Mouthwashes LACALUT aktiv become indispensable to you, especially if you're already using the toothpaste from the same line.

It increases the impact of toothpaste and its components by prolonging the therapeutic effect. Lakalyut asset - rinse containing aluminum lactate, fluoride and antibacterial ingredients. Aluminum lactate creates a binding effect, strengthens the gums and removes them bleeding.

Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay.Included in the rinse antibacterial ingredients also have anti-inflammatory effects and, especially important in gingivitis, periodontitis and stomatitis.

Another important feature of the product: it removes bacterial plaque, and preventing the formation of tartar, in daily oral hygiene.
Always remember that the pasta and rinse LACALUT aktiv complement each other, working together to make you forget about the bleeding. It is their consistent use will give you the full experience effect LACALUT - astringent aluminum lactate cause sores on the gums after prolonged use of drugs.

Tips for Applying

Oral cavity to rinse for 30 seconds with liquid - ten milliliters. For an exact dosage of rinse kit includes a convenient measuring cup.

To swallow the liquid should not be, although occasional drink is absolutely safe. Apply preferably in the morning and evening after brushing your teeth, but you can during the day, when the paste and brush available.

Mouthwashes LACALUT aktiv creates a protective layer on the enamel surface, but the action is not instantaneous, so for maximum effect, should not take food or liquid for 30 minutes after the procedure.


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