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Sensitive Tooth Paste

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Sensitive Tooth Paste

Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Protects against cervical caries.

Pharmacological action

Giposensitivnoe, protivokarioznoe, increases the resistance of tooth enamel to acids. helps to remove plaque (abrasive paste), reduces inflammation (chlorhexidine), has a binding effect (aluminum lactate), lowers the sensitivity of tooth enamel to hot or cold, sweet and sour and contributes to the structure of tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay (amino and sodium fluoride).


Increased sensitivity of teeth, plaque or stone, caries, restorative therapy after teeth whitening.

Treatment and prevention of tooth paste LACALUT sensitive

Toothpaste LACALUT sensitive for sensitive teeth. Actively reduces tooth sensitivity due to a combination of amino and sodium fluoride, which form a protective layer on the tooth surface and accelerate the recovery of damaged enamel.

Chlorhexidine is included in the paste to prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and the development of caries (including cervical caries), as overgrowth of bacteria weights during the process, against the background of increased tooth sensitivity.

Aluminum lactate is included in the formula for strengthening the gums and the prevention of inflammation. Toothpaste approved by the Dental Association of Russia (StAR).

Tips for using LACALUT sensitive

Toothpaste lakalyut Sensitiv recommended courses of 30-60 days, alternating pastes Lacalut Alpin,
Lacalut Fluor.
Popular course: in the morning fluor - to reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel and in the evening alpin - to remove the accumulated plaque and additional sealing of enamel.

Form of

In tubes of 50 ml or 75, in box 50 tubes.

Avilanle now (Lacalut Extra Sensitive 75ml)


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