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Fresh Mouth Wash

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Fresh Mouth Wash

Concentrated rinse mouth LACALUT fresh

The use of oral rinses must necessarily enter into the habit.
This is especially true for those who are struggling with bad breath. This fighter with bad breath - a concentrated rinse mouth LACALUT fresh.

The properties of the rinse aid

Concentrated rinse mouth LACALUT fresh antibacterial action helps to remove plaque from hard toothbrush interdental areas, strengthens and tones the gums, prevents inflammation and bleeding, mineralize and strengthens tooth enamel and protect teeth from decay.

Ideal for use orthodontic appliances. Do not irritate sensitive tissues of the oral mucosa.

Tips for Applying

Per 100 milliliters of water would only need 5-7 drops of the solution.
Rinse should be 2 times a day, morning and evening (eg at night), for 1 minute.
Rinser creates a protective layer on the surface of the teeth.
For maximum effect, should not take food or liquid for 30 minutes after the procedure.

We recommend the use of toothpaste and brushes LACALUT line for the health of teeth and gums, and the optimal solution of possible problems.


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