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Interdental Brush

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Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes - an important part of life for people whose teeth require particularly careful care for orthodontic and orthopedic treatment.
They are used for cleaning large interdental spaces for people with healthy teeth.
Brushes are also used to clean the gum under the implant, the traditional crown or bridge for the prevention of pressure sores under the body prosthesis.

Features of interdental brushes LACALUT

Interdental brushes LACALUT feature is that they are made of highest quality materials.

Wire izgotolivaetsya basis of a special surgical alloy, it is covered with an insulating plastic to avoid the formation of galvanic currents in the presence of metal crowns or amalgam fillings.

Brushes available in four sizes LACALUT the international classification (from S to XL), it is also attached to the cap, which is used for ease of use extension handles.

The use of interdental brushes LACALUT

Cleaning with brushes by reciprocating and rotational (clockwise) motion. Small bristles between the teeth are perfectly clean and hard to reach places. Replace brushes to the loss of fibers necessary rigidity.

Additional Products

We recommend the use of toothpaste , brush and rinse line LACALUT for the health of teeth and gums, and the optimal solution of possible problems.


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